'Sanatan Dharma' row: BJP calls oppn's INDIA 'anti-Hindu'; will repeat same thing again, says Udhayanidhi Stalin

'Sanatan Dharma' row: BJP calls oppn's INDIA 'anti-Hindu'; will repeat same thing again, says Udhayanidhi Stalin

Sanatan Dharma remark row: Udhyanidhi Stalin says 'will repeat it again and again'

Tamil Nadu Minister and DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin has stirred up a controversy by making derogatory remarks about Sanatan Dharma, the ancient Hindu way of life. He said that Sanatan Dharma is against equality and social justice, and that it should be eradicated like coronavirus, malaria, and dengue fever. He also claimed that he included all religions and not just Hindus in his criticism of caste differences.

His comments have sparked outrage among the BJP and other Hindu groups, who have accused him of insulting the faith of millions of Indians and inciting violence against them. They have demanded an apology from him and his party, and also filed police complaints against him for hurting religious sentiments.

However, Stalin has remained defiant and refused to retract his statement. He said that he would repeat the same thing again and again, and that he was ready to face whatever cases they file against him. He also accused the BJP of twisting his statement and spreading fake news.

Stalin, who is the son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin, made these remarks at a function organized by the Dravidar Kazhagam (DK), a rationalist outfit that advocates for the eradication of caste and religion. The DK is an ideological ally of the DMK, which has a history of opposing Brahminism and Hindu rituals. The DMK has also been accused of being anti-Hindu by its political rivals, especially the BJP, which is trying to expand its base in Tamil Nadu.

The Sanatan Dharma remark row has exposed the deep ideological divide between the DMK and the BJP, and also raised questions about the freedom of expression and the respect for religious diversity in India. While Stalin has defended his right to criticize caste discrimination, the BJP has condemned his attack on Hindu culture. The row has also triggered a debate on social media, with some users supporting Stalin's views and others slamming him for being ignorant and intolerant.


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