8 Simpsons Predictions That Came True

8 Simpsons Predictions That Came True

8 Simpsons Predictions That Came True

The Simpsons is one of the most popular and longest-running animated sitcoms in history, with over 700 episodes and 33 seasons. The show is known for its satirical humor, cultural references, and celebrity guest stars. But did you know that The Simpsons also has a reputation for predicting the future?

Over the years, many fans and observers have noticed that some of the events, inventions, and trends depicted in The Simpsons have later become reality, sometimes in eerily accurate ways. Some of these predictions are funny, some are scary, and some are just plain weird. Here are eight examples of Simpsons predictions that came true:

 1. Donald Trump Becoming President of the United States

One of the most famous and controversial Simpsons predictions is the one that foresaw Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States. In season 11, episode 17, "Bart to the Future," which aired in 2000, Lisa becomes the first female president of the US after Trump's disastrous term. She inherits a huge national debt, a trade war with China, and a crumbling economy.

Sixteen years later, in 2016, Trump won the presidential election against Hillary Clinton, who was widely expected to become the first female president. Trump's presidency was marked by many controversies, scandals, and conflicts, both domestically and internationally. He also faced impeachment twice and left office with a record-low approval rating.

 2. The Amazon Rainforest Wildfires

In season 28, episode 16, "Kamp Krustier," which aired in 2017, Bart has a nightmare where he sees a burning forest with animals fleeing from the flames. The scene is accompanied by a voice-over that says: "The year is 2020. A pandemic rages across the world. Fires burn in our forests."

Three years later, in 2020, the world was indeed hit by a devastating pandemic caused by COVID-19, which infected millions of people and killed hundreds of thousands. At the same time, the Amazon rainforest experienced one of its worst fire seasons ever, with more than 2 million hectares burned and thousands of species threatened.

3. Lady Gaga Flying in the Air During Her Super Bowl Halftime Show

In season 23, episode 22, "Lisa Goes Gaga," which aired in 2012, Lady Gaga visits Springfield to cheer up Lisa, who is feeling depressed and unpopular. During her performance at the end of the episode, Lady Gaga flies in the air using a harness and wires while singing and dancing.

Five years later, in 2017, Lady Gaga headlined the Super Bowl LI halftime show, where she also flew in the air using a harness and wires while singing and dancing. She even wore a similar silver outfit and performed some of the same songs as in The Simpsons episode.

 4. A Mutant Fish with Three Eyes Near a Nuclear Power Plant

In season 2, episode 4, "Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish," which aired in 1990, Bart catches a fish with three eyes near Mr. Burns' nuclear power plant. The fish becomes a symbol of environmental pollution and causes Mr. Burns to lose his bid for governor.

Eleven years later, in 2001, a fisherman in Argentina caught a fish with three eyes near a nuclear power plant. The fish was nicknamed "Blinky" after The Simpsons character and sparked concerns about water quality and radiation.

5. Siegfried and Roy's Tiger Attack

In season 5, episode 10, "$pringfield (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)," which aired in 1993,
Mr. Burns opens a casino where German magicians Gunter and Ernst perform a routine with their white tigers. However,
one of the tigers attacks them on stage.

Ten years later, in 2003,
Siegfried and Roy,
the famous Las Vegas duo who inspired Gunter and Ernst,
were attacked by one of their white tigers during their show.
Roy Horn was severely injured by the tiger
and suffered partial paralysis.
The incident ended their long-running production.

6. Greece's Economic Collapse

In season 23,
episode 10,
"Politically Inept,
with Homer Simpson,"
which aired in
Homer becomes a political pundit after his rant about air travel goes viral.
During one of his appearances on TV,
he shows a ticker that displays various headlines,
including "Europe puts Greece on eBay."

Three years later,
Greece faced a major economic crisis that threatened its membership in the European Union.
The country was unable to repay its debts
and had to impose harsh austerity measures
and accept bailouts from other countries.
Some people even joked that Greece should sell some of its islands
or monuments to raise money.

7. The Statue of David's Nudity Causing Controversy

In season 2,
episode 9,
"Itchy & Scratchy & Marge,"
which aired in
Marge leads a campaign against the violent cartoon show Itchy & Scratchy
and succeeds in making it more tame and boring.
she faces a backlash when she defends the right of a museum to display Michelangelo's statue of David,
which some people find offensive for its nudity.

Sixteen years later,
a replica of the statue of David was displayed in a public park in St. Petersburg,
where it sparked controversy and complaints from some residents
who wanted it removed or covered up.
The city council decided to keep the statue
and argued that it was a work of art and not pornography.

 8. COVID-19 Pandemic

In season 4,
episode 21,
"Marge in Chains,"
which aired in
a mysterious virus called the "Osaka Flu"
spreads from Japan to Springfield
after a factory worker coughs into a package that contains a juicer that Homer orders.
The virus causes fever, coughing, and sneezing among the townspeople
and creates panic and chaos.

Twenty-seven years later,
a novel coronavirus called COVID-19
emerged from China and spread to the rest of the world
causing a global pandemic.
The virus also causes fever, coughing, and sneezing among the infected
and has disrupted normal life and activities for billions of people.

These are just some of the many predictions that The Simpsons has made over the years. Whether they are coincidences, lucky guesses, or evidence of some hidden power, they are certainly impressive and entertaining. Who knows what else The Simpsons will predict in the future? Maybe we should pay more attention to the show and see if we can spot any clues or hints about what's to come.


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What predictions did The Simpsons get right?

17 Predictions From 'The Simpsons' That Came True 17 Real Tomacco Plants. 16 Accessible Space Travel. 15 Smartwatches. 14 Serving Horse Meat. 13 Three-eyed Fish. 12 Baby Translator. 11 Censoring Michelangelo's David. 10 Lady Gaga and The Superbowl.

How many events has The Simpsons predicted?

'The Simpsons': 31 Times the Fox Comedy Successfully Predicted the Future. From Super Bowl winners to Trump's presidency, the long-running animated series has an uncanny knack for foretelling events.

Did The Simpsons predict events?

One of the most famous instances of The Simpsons predicting the future is in the classic 2000 episode, Bart to the Future. In the episode, Bart is shown a glimpse of what his family is up to some 30 years into the future. While Bart has become a total bum, Lisa has just been elected president.

What have The Simpsons predicted that hasn't happened?

This happened in a 1997 episode that supposedly predicted the outcome of the final match of the 2018 World Cup. They predicted in a 2000 episode that Donald Trump would become US president and in a 1993 episode they supposedly predicted the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

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