Why Indian universities score dismally low in global rankings

Why Indian universities score dismally low in global rankings

Why Indian colleges don't do well in global rankings

India has some amazing and old schools, like the IITs, the IISc, and Delhi University. But when you look at the world rankings, these schools are nowhere near the top 100, let alone the top 10. What's up with that? What's stopping Indian colleges from being world-class and famous?

There are many reasons for this sad situation, like not enough money, good teachers, international students and faculty, research and innovation. Here are some of the big problems that Indian colleges face in the world stage:

Not enough money

One of the main problems that Indian colleges face is that they don't have enough money. According to a report by UGC, the average yearly spending per student in India was Rs 55,595 in 2018-19, which is way lower than the world average of Rs 5.5 lakh. Also, most of the money comes from the government, which tells them how to spend it. This makes it hard for the colleges to do their own thing and follow their own dreams.

Not enough good teachers

Another big problem that Indian colleges face is that they don't have enough smart and qualified teachers. According to a report by AISHE, there were 15.03 lakh teachers in higher education schools in India in 2019-20, out of which only 57.5% had a PhD degree. Also, there is a huge gap of teachers, especially in technical and professional courses. The teacher-student ratio in India was 1:26 in 2019-20, which is much higher than the world standard of 1:15.

Not enough international students and faculty

One of the things that world ranking agencies look at is how international a college is, which means how many foreign teachers and students they have, how many international partnerships they have, how many exchange programs they have, and how many publications they have. But Indian colleges score very low on these things. For example, according to QS World University Rankings 2022, only two Indian schools had more than 10% foreign teachers, and none had more than 10% foreign students. Also, Indian colleges face many policy and cultural issues in getting and keeping foreign talent.

Not enough research and innovation

Another important thing that affects the world ranking of colleges is their research and innovation. This means how many and how good their publications are, how many citations they get, how many patents they file, how many awards they win, and how much impact they have. But Indian colleges fall behind their world peers in these things too. According to SJR, India ranked 12th in the world in terms of research publications in 2020, but only 36th in terms of citation impact. Also, according to WIPO, India ranked 48th in the world in terms of patent applications in 2019. Moreover, according to GII, India ranked 46th in the world in terms of innovation performance in 2020.


Indian colleges have a lot of work to do before they can match up with the best in the world. They need to overcome many challenges and limitations that stop them from growing and developing. They need to spend more on facilities, teacher development, student diversity, research excellence, and innovation culture. They need to learn from global best practices and standards and compare themselves with their peers. They need to show off their achievements and strengths and improve their image and reputation. Only then can they hope.


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Why are Indian universities low ranked?

Infrastructure: Many Indian universities lack modern infrastructure, such as well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and classrooms, which can negatively impact the quality of education and research.

Why is IIT not in world ranking

It is undoubtedly the fact that IITs are the best technical institutes in India and are the dream goals of the engineering aspirants which is why lakhs of students take JEE , but to become world level institutes like NUS,MIT, Havard etc IITs need to be upgraded in all aspects so that more and more aspirants of other ...

Why Indian University is not in top 100

This is due to Indian schools faring poorly on the “perception” index, one of the six parameters used to gauge a university's academic reputation in the QS rankings. “Among all parameters, citations per faculty is the most definitive parameter and is taken from trusted databases.

Why Indian universities are not world class?

Poor Teaching Capacity: The QS World University Rankings 2022 revealed that although Indian universities have improved their performance on academic reputation metric and research impact, they continue to struggle on the teaching capacity metric. No Indian university ranks among the top 250 for faculty-student ratio.

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