Good deed at gunpoint — how ‘robbers’ ended up giving Delhi couple Rs 100

Good deed at gunpoint — how ‘robbers’ ended up giving Delhi couple Rs 100

Delhi robbers try to rob couple at gunpoint, end up giving them Rs 100 because…

In a strange twist of fate, two robbers who attempted to rob a couple at gunpoint in Delhi ended up giving them Rs 100 instead of taking anything from them. The incident, which took place on June 21 in the Farsh Bazaar area of east Delhi's Shahdara, was caught on CCTV cameras and has gone viral on social media.

What happened?

According to the reports, the robbers were drunk and influenced by the videos of gangster Neeraj Bawana. They wanted to join his gang and decided to commit a robbery to prove themselves. They spotted a couple walking on the road and approached them on a scooter. One of them got down and pointed a gun at the couple, while the other searched their pockets.

However, they were disappointed to find that the couple had nothing valuable with them, except for a Rs 20 note. Feeling sorry for them, one of the robbers handed them a Rs 100 note and asked them to go home safely. The couple was shocked and relieved at the same time. They later reported the incident to the police.

How were the robbers caught?

The police analysed the footage from nearly 200 CCTV cameras installed in the area and managed to identify and arrest the robbers. They were identified as Harsh Rajput and Dev Verma, both in their early twenties. The police recovered a pistol, six cartridges, a scooter and 30 stolen mobile phones from their possession. They also confessed to their involvement in four other cases of snatching.

The police said that both the robbers had consumed a lot of alcohol at the time of the incident and were not in their senses. They also said that they were inspired by Neeraj Bawana's YouTube videos and wanted to join his gang.

How did the internet react?

The CCTV footage of the incident has been widely shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Many users found the incident hilarious and bizarre, while some praised the robbers for their kindness and empathy. Some also questioned the law and order situation in Delhi and the influence of gangsters on the youth.


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