Biological Terrorism: China engineered Covid-19 “bioweapon” to purposely infect people, reveals Wuhan researcher

Biological Terrorism: China engineered Covid-19 “bioweapon” to purposely infect people, reveals Wuhan researcher

Biological terrorism: China engineered COVID-19 bioweapon to purposely infect people, reveals Wuhan researcher


The origin of the coronavirus pandemic that has killed millions of people worldwide has been a subject of intense debate and investigation. While some experts have suggested that the virus emerged naturally from animal hosts, others have raised the possibility that it was leaked or even deliberately created in a laboratory in China. Recently, a researcher from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), where the virus was first detected, has made shocking claims that support the latter theory. He said that China engineered COVID-19 as a "bioweapon" and that his colleagues were given four strains of the virus to find out which could spread best.

The whistleblower's revelations

The researcher, who identified himself as Chao Shao, gave an exclusive interview to Jennifer Zeng, a member of the International Press Association, and shared his insider knowledge of the WIV and its activities. He said that he joined the WIV in 2018 as a postdoctoral fellow and worked on various projects related to coronaviruses. He said that in October 2019, during the Military World Games in Wuhan, several of his colleagues went missing for a few days. Later, one of them, named Shan Chao, told him that they were sent to hotels where athletes from various countries were staying to "check the health or hygiene conditions". However, Chao Shao said that this was a cover-up for spreading the virus, as checking hygiene does not require virologists.

He also said that in April 2020, Shan Chao told him that he was sent to Xinjiang to check the health status of the Uyghurs who were imprisoned in the re-education camps. He said that he was instructed by his superior to test and find out which virus had the best ability to infect as many species as possible, and also to find out how easy it was to infect other species including humans. Chao Shao said that this implied that he was either spreading the virus or observing how it worked on humans. He also called the coronavirus a "bioweapon" and said that China was engaging in "biological terrorism".

The implications and challenges

Chao Shao's claims, if true, would have serious implications for the global community and its response to the pandemic. It would mean that China deliberately unleashed a deadly virus on its own people and the world, violating international laws and norms. It would also raise questions about the role and responsibility of the World Health Organization (WHO), which has been accused of being too lenient and trusting of China's information and cooperation. It would also demand accountability and transparency from the WIV and its collaborators, such as the EcoHealth Alliance, which funded some of the coronavirus research at the WIV.

However, verifying Chao Shao's claims is not an easy task. He said that he has no evidence or documents to back up his allegations, as he was not directly involved in the experiments or operations. He also said that he fears for his life and safety, as he has been threatened and harassed by Chinese authorities since he left China in May 2020. He said that he is currently living in hiding in an undisclosed location. He also said that he is not the only whistleblower from the WIV, but others are too afraid to come forward.


The origin of COVID-19 is still a mystery that needs to be solved with rigorous scientific investigation and international cooperation. The claims made by Chao Shao are alarming and disturbing, but they are not conclusive or corroborated by other sources. They should be taken with caution and skepticism, but they should not be dismissed or ignored either. They should be examined and verified by independent experts and authorities, who should have full access to the WIV and its data. Only then can we hope to find out the truth behind this pandemic and prevent future outbreaks of similar nature.


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